To identify heat-treated pallets in the UK:

  1. Look for the IPPC Logo: This is a universal requirement. The IPPC logo is a mark of compliance with international shipping standards. It’s a symbol that looks like a tree within a shield or rectangle.
  2. Check for the “HT” Marking: Specifically, for heat-treated pallets, you should see the letters “HT” near the IPPC logo. This marking indicates that the wood has undergone heat treatment to a core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes to kill pests.
  3. Identify the Country Code: In the UK, the country code that appears alongside the IPPC logo and “HT” marking will be “GB” for Great Britain. This code indicates that the pallet was treated or produced in the UK.
  4. Producer or Treatment Provider’s Unique Number: Alongside these marks, there will also be a unique number identifying the specific producer or treatment provider. This number is crucial for traceability purposes.
  5. Debarked (DB) Symbol: Though not specific to heat treatment, you might also see a “DB” symbol indicating that the wood was debarked before treatment, which is another IPPC requirement.

This stamp ensures the pallet is compliant with ISPM 15 standards, making it safe for international shipping and free from pests that could harm ecosystems. In the UK, compliance with these standards is monitored by the Forestry Commission, which is responsible for ensuring that all wood packaging material used in international trade from the UK meets these international phytosanitary measures.